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Praying Into October 2014

 Let there be several documented Evidence of divine harvest in every area that you touch before the Gregorian Year ends in Jesus name. Amen.


I want to thank God for years that the Lord has put me into training and allowed us to represent Him in many capacities.  We do not take such representation lightly or commonly. It is also dangerous to presume to speak for Him when you have never heard "a voice from the excellent glory" - 1Peter 2:17 For he received from God the Father honour and glory, when there came such a voice to him from the excellent glory, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.
We need a restoration of true apostolic and prophetic ministry in these days. This restoration, to be specific, is not just the use or employment of gifts and ministries but a restoration of the eternal will of God in the earth.  This will begin through a turning of the heart of the children to the apostolic and prophetic fathers of the New Testament.
We must fight for the eternal will expressed all over the bible. We have been preoccupied by seeking the low level life that we forgot to seek the things that are above where Christ is dwelling. The book of Ephesians show us very clearly this eternal will that God has always sort that the whole creation be filled with His fullness. However Satan has always contested this and seeks that he fills all things.
Israel was to clean up the promised land of all the "-ites" so that he may fill the whole but this was not accomplished till the time of David so that (...listen...") The son of David" might rule and fill all things. Solomon came upon the throne ruled in peace because someone had done a thorough job. The eternal plan has not changed as God has chosen Jesus to seat on the throne..  In Ephesians 3:17-19:-
17 That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love, 18 May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth, and height; 19 And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye might be filled with all the fullness of God.
Your inward Canaan has to be possessed and filled with the FULLNESS of God. This is where we are heading in the next several years. This earth shall be filled with the glory of God as the waters cover the sea.
This is a prophetic way of saying that the world will experience another 2008 especially in the 4th quarter and that is a year from now. He that has ear to hear let him hear. The world has not yet recovered from the crisis of the collapse of 2008 and yet more crisis are coming that will shake this world.
The trouble of the nations is not going to determine the program of God to bring an end to all things but rather the readiness of the people of God and a time is coming when we will be forced to prepare in haste.
The children of God who seek the wisdom from God will be protected from the financial, social and political troubles that are coming but never forget that if you are a child of God you must be in hurry to learn how to trust Him for everyday living.
Many are still entangled in this struggle for personal fame in ministry, the self- centered life, the indiscipline and waywardness and a life of mixture very commonly displayed by a new generation of leaders that have emerged in the last 20 years.
Many of us are at a loss about the atrocious acts of the Jihadists and their dedication to death rather than life. The simple meaning is that we can no longer stay neutral. It is a season of spiritual war. The days of "soft religion" are over. There may be those who desire soft religion but they have their reward.
God is speaking in parables so that even the unlearned can discern and take action. It is a time to fight for what God cares about with the love of God in our hearts for Him and for His children. We employ the weapons of prayer and the word to do it. We have to quickly learn that we can no longer play religion with words. The Word of God is powerful and dominates the physical realm.

Others who are not believers will employ other weapons just the people who are now called “civilian JTF” in the North East of Nigeria. Men will rise up with arms to defend themselves if there is no one to defend them. You can imagine the confusion and the fear in the last days. Believers will have be forced to seek God for a supernatural life
God forbid that there would have to be military takeover in some countries so that the defense of citizens can be guaranteed. Due to the weak institutions in some countries martial law has to be declared to enable these countries survive the scourge of violent groups.
Colossians 3:1-5 -Reality and Need to be able to Visit Heaven and come Back.
The church has to transitions in this season in the realm of reality and divine awareness of the unseen realm. Many believers will begin to experience encounters of visiting heaven and coming back to earth as it were. This will become more frequent among the children of God. The level of the fear of God’s and sacredness that this will bring will jolt many unbelieving believers to begin to honor God in a new way. People will begin to be caught up to heaven in revelations and visions and these will be true indeed.
Recently I had a very significant warfare encounter immediately after our Advancing World Missions Conference 2014. The warfare was so intense I despaired for life. I wondered if the gates of hell had been let loose over my region -about 12-1am. The supernatural activity that followed must have woken all my neighbors that night. Let me drive home a point here that these are not recorded to create awe about us but simply that the days have changed and the level of war has changed and the stakes are higher and the time is short. Most regions I know have an atmosphere that is infested with so much demonic activity that prayer has become hard for many believers.

In other places, prayers have fallen short of the type that moves the hand of God of old. There are still a few places where The Lord is still distinguishing his power but the present generation seems to be so engrossed about the success of the people ahead of them that they shrink back at the idea or revelation of God for new paths.
Where are the wise servants whom the Master will give authority in this season and time? Jesus must be revealed in all his fullness to us. He must dwell in the body of believers and manifested to the world. Someone told me recently that a popular religion has 6666 words in its sacred book and I was wondering if that connected with the 666 of the book of revelation and with what is happening all around us in these times.
Watch out and pray the prayers that are outlined in this booklet. We have to "step up" our game in the realm of the spirit. It is a kind of prayer that is to deal not just with a new break out of some emergency but larger view of God’s strategy to arrest the forces of evil that is rampaging the land.
You must also make such plans that put trusting God at the center of your finances. You must build your financial house on the rock because in the next few years whatever can be shaken will indeed be shaken so that the things which cannot be shaken can remain. I pray that the things concerning you will indeed stand the storms.
The Lord showed me that the following scriptures will be relevant and important for the next 5 years - Romans 4 and Psalms 67. Please do not call this revelation common. Read and meditate on these scriptures daily at least for the next several years.
Pray that the government will not relax but be alert to her responsibilities. It is also true that opposition parties though normal have (presently) no solution to what is visiting the earth as these are outside all the laws they are acquainted with in the natural realm of politics, economy, science, and sociology.
The effect of Genesis 6 is still in the earth today and the demonic forces that were unleashed on the earth by Satan to teach war and the manufacture of weapons of war, sex, worldliness and the manipulations of the sun, moon and the stars are been routed by the prayer of the saints in a new way.
Be prepared always and give no loop hole to Satan and his evil forces in your life.  

This Israeli Farmer Decided to Keep the "Shemitah" (Sabbatical Year)—and Experienced a "Miracle" Crop   Zo Artzeinu (Sep 17, 2014)

At first he thought he was imagining it. As he rushed from one section of his orchard to another, the realization that the more the farmer keeps the Shemitah, the more the Shemitah keeps the farmer, hit home.

One farmer's crop of bananas in Israel produced a miracle. (File photo)

Rabbi Shmuel Bloom, Vice Chairman of the Agudath Israel World Organization, is a very busy man involved in important matters concerning the public. Why do you think he would spend many hours traveling to look at bananas in Israel, especially all the way up north near T'veriya (Tiberias)?

A secular farmer, Gibor Koach, whose produce focus is strictly bananas, decided that he would observe the Shemitah (the Sabbatical Year) this time around. He approached the organization that helps facilitate this—Keren HaShviis—for assistance, and they stipulated that he would be registered in their program if he would also undertake to be personally Sabbath observant (Shomer Shabbos) throughout Shemitah. He agreed.

The Rabbinic court (Otzar Bet Din) of Bnei Brak made the decision to cover his farming expenses and, in return, all the produce would become the property of Otzar Beis Din (court) and would be distributed in full accordance with Jewish Law (Halacha).

Israel suffered a significant cold spell for two to three weeks during the winter. Bananas don't like cold, and cold doesn't like bananas. When bananas are still growing and get hit with frost, they turn brown and become rock hard.

The hero of our story, Koach knew he was in deep trouble when the relentless cold hadn't let up for over a week. He lived a distance from his orchard and hadn't yet seen the damage with his own eyes. He began to receive calls from his neighbor farmers that have orchards bordering his, complaining bitterly that their entire banana crop had been destroyed by the frost.

He decided it was time to inspect the damage up close, no matter how painful it may be. He drove up close to Tverya to inspect his orchard, as well as those of his neighboring farmers. As he passed from one orchard to another, he was overwhelmed by the damage. Not a single fruit had survived; no tree was spared. His neighbors took quite a beating. All the bananas were brown, hard as a rock. He could only imagine how bad his trees must have gotten it. (File photo)

Yet when he finally got to his orchard, he was awestruck. ALL of his bananas were yellow and green. It's as if his orchard wasn't a part of this parcel of land. His orchard bordered those of his neighbors, but not a single tree of his was struck by the frost. It's as if a protective wall kept the damage away.

At first he thought he was imagining it. As he rushed from one section of his orchard to another, the realization that the more the farmer keeps the Shemitah, the more the Shemitah keeps the farmer, hit home.

Original article: israeltrees.org.

Australia Thwarts Homeland Terror Plot by ISIS—the Number of Terrorists Involved and What They Planned To Do Will Shock You 

CBN News Staff (Sep 18, 2014)

"If the... police had not acted today, there is a likelihood that this would have happened." -Attorney General George Brandis

(Australia)—According to CBN News: Australia says it has thwarted a so-called "demonstration killing" plot by the Islamic State. (Photo via Fox News)

Earlier Thursday Australian authorities detained 15 people who allegedly planned to publicly behead a random person in Sydney (and another Australian city) before draping them in the ISIS flag.

"That's the intelligence we received," Prime Minister Tony Abbott told reporters. "The exhortations—quite direct exhortations—were coming from an Australian who is apparently quite senior in [ISIS] to networks of support back in Australia to conduct demonstration killings here in this country."

The apparent goal was to demonstrate the reach of the militant group.

"Today's operation reflects the reality of the threat we actually face," CNN quoted Andrew Scipione, commissioner of New South Wales Police.

Australia's prime minster says intelligence in recent months shows that Australia is at serious risk of a terrorist attack.

Orthodox Jews take part in the Tashlich prayer, a Rosh Hashanah ritual, on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern city of Ashdod September 5, 2013. During the prayer, bread crumbs are tossed into the waters to symbolically cast away sins. (Amir Cohen/Reuters)

With the most awesome and introspective season on the Jewish calendar upon us, it's very hard not to see God's hand in recent events and His protecting Israel, even in the wake of the recent war. As we beseech Him for a year of health and happiness for us and for our loved ones, we also need to give God thanks for delivering Israel from threats against us. This year, that's all the more vivid.

At festive times, Jewish tradition is to praise God with reciting Psalms 113 through 118. This season is one in which we need to recall that, and all He has done, singing to God:

Shouts of joy and victory resound in the tents of the righteous: "The Lord's right hand has done mighty things! The Lord's right hand is lifted high; the Lord's right hand has done mighty things!" I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.

Nobody in Israel wanted another war. However, as 4,600 rockets were fired at us, with so many shot down by the Iron Dome missile-defense system, and many acts of bravery and heroism, it's clear that amid the war that was thrust upon Israel this summer, with all the death, injuries and destruction that ensued, there were still many blessings to Israel. How so?

Widely reported in Israel, and largely unknown outside Israel, one of the miraculous consequences of the war was the discovery of plans for another surprise terrorist attack that was planned against Israel by Hamas, scheduled as all of Israel was united in worship on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, Sept. 26. With plans to infiltrate Israel with thousands of armed terrorists, through a network of dozens of tunnels, with the aim to kill and kidnap as many Israelis as possible, the attack could have killed as many as the Yom Kippur war, or even Sept. 11.

Though the terrorists' tunnels have been destroyed, and Hamas' evil plot foiled, the threats Israel faces are still grave, and recovery from the recent fighting and casualties will take time.

Also miraculous, as a consequence of the war, Jews and Christians have joined hands to stand together against our common enemies, while sanctifying the One True God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Many examples abound: 1) Senator Ted Cruz's now famous standing with Israel at an event In Defense of Christians; 2) former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee's national rally for Israel next month; 3) CUFI's Washington Summit and solidarity trips to Israel; 4) The National Religious Broadcasters' solidarity mission to Israel; 5) American veterans with Heroes to Heroes donating blood in Israel; 6) Countless prayer events, worldwide.

  • Pray for a brooding of the Holy Spirit over every God ordained purpose that must be brought forth in this new season in your life, family, ministry and the Ecclesia until it comes to fruition.
  • Read Revelations 22:2 and pray that the fruit of the tree of life for the months will be made available to you, and to the Ecclesia in this season.
  • Declare that the leaves for healing of nations will be released to your life and territory. You will enjoy divine health in your life, family, finances, the work of your hands, relationships, in your business, vegetation and in the nation at large.


  1. Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, Ye sol-diers of the cross,

Lift high His ro-yal ban-ner, It must not suf-fer loss;

From vic-t’ry un-to vic-t’ry His ar-my shall He lead,

Till ev-‘ry foe is van-quished And Christ is Lord in-need.

2. Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, The trump-et call o-bey;

Forth to the might-y con-flict, In this His glo-rious day.

“Ye that are men now serve Him,” A-gainst un-numbered foes;

Let courage rise with dan-ger, And strength to strength op-pose.

3. Stand up, stand up for Je-sus, Stand in His strength a-lone;

The arm of flesh will fail you Ye dare not trust your own;

Put on the gos-pel ar-mor, Each piece put on with prayer,

Where du-ty calls, or dan-ger, Be nev-er want-ing there.

May the Lord grant you understanding of this prayer journal as you pray, consequent upon which there will be changes in your life or your prayer group or family, church, nation and continent.

You may wish to pray in two ways:-

  1. You can pray using the whole journal to pray into the womb of October according to the authority level granted to you by your appointment in the Lord. Expect the prophetic germination [as you saturate the ground and the sphere of the life of October with God’s ordination] to happen. In any case ensure your seed remains in the ground of October and as investment for this new month.
  2.  You can also use this daily for your prayers to prevail at the gate of each day, especially on critical days of intense warfare in the heavens. Remember that the day starts from 6pm for the next 24 hours. If you are in Britain for instance the time will be early hours of the next day in Hong Kong @ your 6pm.
  3.  Pray that your prophetic faculties will be on the rise and be enlarged and sharp… …visions; dreams; interpreting symbols; applying parables; riddles; revelation and predictions; accurate delivery of words of wisdom and words of knowledge; intercession, divine decree to cause the future and many other such faculties.

The Unbroken Covenants God Gives Us, Provides Unflinching Confidence

Ge 8:22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease. {While...: Heb. As yet all the days of the earth}

Jer 31:35 ¶ Thus saith the LORD, which giveth the sun for a light by day, and the ordinances of the moon and of the stars for a light by night, which divideth the sea when the waves thereof roar; The LORD of hosts is his name: V. 36 If those ordinances depart from before me, saith the LORD, then the seed of Israel also shall cease from being a nation before me forever.

Jer 33:20 Thus saith the LORD; If ye can break my covenant of the day, and my covenant of the night, and that there should not be day and night in their season;

Jer 33:25 Thus saith the LORD; If my covenant be not with day and night, and if I have not appointed the ordinances of heaven and earth;

Ps 89:36 His seed shall endure for ever, and his throne as the sun before me. Ps 89:37 It shall be established for ever as the moon, and as a faithful witness in heaven. Selah.

Adam Clark’s Commentary

Psalms 89:37

 “As the moon and as a faithful witness in heaven.”- That is, as long as the sun and moon shall endure, as long as time shall last, his kingdom shall last among men. The moon appears to be termed a faithful witness here, because by her particularly time is measured. Her decrease and increase are especially observed by every nation, and by these, time is generally estimated especially among the eastern nations. So many moons is a man old; so many moons since such an event happened; and even their years are reckoned by lunation.

Or the rainbow may be intended; that sign which God has established in the cloud; that faithful witness of his that the earth shall no more be destroyed by water. As long therefore as the sun, the moon, and the rainbow appear in the heavens, so long shall the spiritual David reign, and his seed prosper and increase.

  Selah means- It is confirmed; it shall not fail.

The church must not miss the understanding of the things that heaven has tied to the ordinances in the earth. One main area where we have to touch each month is the fact that our “month” is determined by the movement of the sun, the moon and the stars. This is the way God ordained it.

Gen 1:14-15 And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

 15 And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. Psalms 89:37


 Ver. 37. It shall be established for ever as the moon. The kingdom may wax and wane to mortal eyes, but it shall still abide as long as the moon walks in her silver beauty.

And as a faithful witness in the heavens, the most stable part of the universe is selected as a type of Messiah's kingdom, and both sun and moon are made to be symbols of its long endurance. Whatever else there is in the sky which faithfully witnesses to the unbending course of nature is also called upon to be a sign of the Lord's truth. When heaven and earth witness and the Lord himself swear, there remains no excuse for doubting, and faith joyfully reposes in confident expectation.

Matthew Henry’s Commentary’s on Ps 19.

The constant and regular succession of day and night (Ps 19:2): Day unto day, and night unto night, speak the glory of that God who first divided between the light and the darkness, and has, from the beginning to this day, preserved that established order without variation, according to God's covenant with Noah (Ge 8:22), that, while the earth remains, day and night shall not cease, to which covenant of providence the covenant of grace is compared for its stability, Jer 33:20; 31:35. The counter changing of day and night, in so exact a method, is a great instance of the power of God, and calls us to observe that, as in the kingdom of nature, so in that of providence, he forms the light and creates the darkness (Isa 45:7), and sets the one over against the other.

Ps 121:6 The sun shall not smite thee by day, nor the moon by night.

The children of Satan have found out that the heavenly bodies can cooperate with them to hurt the many lives that are lost and our continent, Africa has suffered the most, some nations being padlocked and multitude destroyed.

The church must wake up and respond by prayer and understand the times.


The word October was derived from the Latin “Octo” meaning eight (8). It is the eighth (8th) month of the Jewish sacred calendar and the second (2nd) month according to their civil calendar. (1 Kings 6:38; 1 Kings 12:32, 33). It is also the tenth (10th) month according to the Gregorian calendar.

The number 8 symbolizes a new beginning after the completeness of the number 7. The eighth month depicted “plumpness” as if a surplus above the perfect seven. Figuratively it symbolizes fatness, richness, lusty and plenteous. Thus the eighth month is meant to be a time of abundance and plenty. Most nations in the northern hemisphere experience rains during this time of the year when summer is drawing to a close while the southern hemisphere picks up the warmer temperatures. 

During this autumn/fall season, creation prepares for the coming winter season. Creatures like ants and few other creatures gather food in summer and autumn and store it up in preparation for winter. Other animals prepare to go into hibernation in rest and recuperation.

It is a season of preparing ground for planting and the late harvest for plants that mature during late summer. There is a drying up and dying off of leaves and plants that had blossomed and borne fruit during spring and summer months. During this season of the various feasts of the Lord, there is also need for heightened intercession by the Body of Christ.

October is the eighth (8th) month of the Jewish sacred calendar and the second (2nd) month according to their civil calendar. (1 Kings 6:38; 1 Kings 12:32, 33). The eighth month depicted “plumpness” as if a surplus above the perfect seven. Figuratively it symbolizes fatness, rich fat, lusty and plenteous. Thus this month is meant to be a time of abundance and plenty.

When God commanded Moses and Aaron to take the month of Abib as the beginning of months, the first month of the year (Exo 12:2; 13:4), He automatically set the spring season as the first season of the year. This is because “Abib” is a Hebrew word for fresh, young barley ears, or month of ear-forming, or month of greening of crop, etc moreover, it is the time when the rains begin after the long dry winter months; thus, the northern hemisphere sets precedence for the seasons of the year, following this Biblical pattern since Israel is located in it.

Most nations in the northern hemisphere experience rain during this time of the year when summer is drawing to a close and opening the gates into autumn the third major season 2 of the year (spring – summer – autumn) while the southern hemisphere is ushered into the beginning of summer.

In autumn creation prepares for the coming winter season. Creatures like ants gather food in summer and autumn in preparation for winter. Other animals prepare to go into hibernation where they are hidden under the earth and are in rest and recuperation.

It is also a season for harvesting plants that mature during late summer and for preparing grounds for the next planting season. There is a drying up, dying and falling off of leaves and plants that had blossomed and borne fruit during the spring and summer months.

In this 2nd, 8th and 10th month seek for opportunities, in families where marriages are failing, to plant good deeds of praying for those marriages.


  • Bless that day of your birth and declare that God’s purposes for which He allowed you to manifest on that particular day will be fulfilled.
  • Nullify and command the destruction of anything that has been released into creation to withhold you from fulfilling your redemptive purpose and destiny.
  • Declare that you are entering into your lifestyle of ever-increasing glory and awe (2 Corinthians 3:18)
  • Pray that your star will rise and shine ever brighter. Anything that has hitherto tried to cover your star will be swept away by God’s broom of destruction.
  • Pray that on the day of your birth, Jehovah will re-enact the covenant with creation on your behalf. He will speak to the heavens and the heavens will speak to the earth and the earth will bring forth its best for you – with bread wine and oil. (Hosea 2:21-22).


1:    8:   15:    23:  31:

First quarter

 October 1, 2014


Full moon

 October 8, 2014


Last quarter

  October 15,2014


New moon

  October 23,2014


First quarter

  October  31,2014


Please Note: This month has 2 first quarter moons on Oct 1st and Oct 31st! This signifies a double warfare in the spirit realm!


Today @ 07:33p.m is the first quarter moon.

  • During the first 10 days of October proclaim and pray through the Great Hallel Psalm 113-118, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  • Praise God for today, the first day of the 10th Gregorian month and the first day of the last quarter of the year 2014.
  • This is a period when the occult increase their enchantments, strength and fortification to reap the gains of the righteous that are ignorant using the crescent moon as a sickle.
    • While the witches, sorcerers etc increase their enchantments at the crescent moons, as God’s people, proclaim God’s word into the heavens as the Spirit of God leads, beginning by instructing all creation to praise the Lord and instructing the moon to fulfil only its God-given purposes and pleasure (Psalm 104:19-20, Ps 136:7-9, Ps 148, Rev 4:11).
    • Present Nigeria before Jehovah. The terrorist group Boko Haram has managed to cause untold damage to so many areas and brought about insecurity in the northern parts of the nation. The Body of Messhiah which is very vast has not really carried this burden corporately. Bring repentance for the state of affairs that has brought about such a situation.
    • Bring repentance on behalf of the Body of Messhiah where there has been a lack of discernment or ignoring of the signals that were given about the various dangers facing these nations in this season. Ezek 33:1-7


October is the gateway into the last quarter of the Gregorian calendar year when fetishism and bloodshed manifest in bizarre occurrences, road accidents, robbery, ritual murders, rape, etc. These are actually thanksgiving offerings offered to the occult “gods” for protection throughout the concluding year. 

  • Declare “shalom” to the gate of the eighth sacred calendar month, the month of new beginning on the day of the new moon.
  • Pray that, the peace of God encapsulated in the Hebrew word “Shalom” will envelope the entire month so that every moment of the month will be governed by the peace of God irrespective of any agitating situations or occurrences. (Ps 122:8)


  • Proclaim that you possess the gates because Jesus Christ is building an Ecclesia, an assembly of people who are law makers and culture makers and they are gate possessors and the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Ecclesia. The gates of hell shall not prevail against you in this season.
  • As a lawmaker and culture maker, prophesy that every decree you make during these feast days at the gates of this new month shall become law and culture of the land. Speak kingdom culture of reverence and fear of the LORD, unity, peace, stability, wise leadership in the family, Body of Christ and in the government, health, spiritual discernment, harnessing of human and natural resources for the benefit of all, and every good thing that will shape every gate of society.
  • Proclaim Psalm 24 and instruct the gates of every moment of this month to be lifted up to allow the King of Glory in and every event and plan be made subject to Him


Today is Yom Kippur – Day of Atonement.

Spiritually this is significant for the believers represented by the spiritual feats of atonement which Jesus fulfilled on the cross. We can enter into fresh understanding of our authority in the earth through fasting and prayer. See things change around you as you enter a sincere fast and proclaim the Lordship of Christ over all. A regular fast will do a lot of good for the saints if they will see a much powerful push at the gate of sin and violence in the earth.

  • Pray that during these feast days as many orthodox Jews observe the High Holy days throughout the world, many will encounter the Risen Lord Jesus and the veil of blindness will be lifted from their eyes and minds.
  • Pray that as many go through the rituals of the season, there will be a deeper hunger to know God.
  • Pray that as they seek they will be led to the full gospel in the Bible, so they will encounter the Lord as they read the Bible.


Muslim Festivals

Islam celebrates two great festivals annually - Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Adha. The first is the great festival that follows the month of Ramadan when the fast is broken. The second occurs about two months later during the month of Zil-Hajj when an animal is sacrificed in commemoration of Abraham's sacrifice of his son. This festival is incorporated in the great pilgrimage to Mecca which should properly be made during this month but it is also observed all over the Muslim world at the same time. The underlying importance of this festival is the spirit of sacrifice (qurbani) in memory of Abraham's great act of faith many centuries ago.

Eid-ul-Adha is, according to Islamic teaching, a time for Muslims to learn the value of self-denial by making a sacrifice of something living to God. It is stringently denied by most Muslim theologians that the sacrifice has any further significance and it is especially denied that religious sacrifice has any atoning or propitiatory value. Abraham's great act of submission is thus regarded solely as an example of genuine surrender to the will of God and is to be followed as such.

The main Hajj will take place from October 2 - October 7, 2014. Eid ul-Adha is expected to take place on October 5, 2014.  

  • Decree and declare that the spirit of death which attends the hajj where people die in mass stampedes will no longer be exchanged in the nations. We command that spirit to remain in that territory in this season.
  • Pray that those who go to exchange destinies and make covenants with death shall be swallowed up by those very spirits they try to distribute in the nations when they disperse from Mecca/Medina.
  • Pray that as many as are diligently seeking the Lord in doing this ritual pilgrimage will encounter the risen Lord and have a Damascus experience right there in Mecca/Medina.
  • Proclaim Psalm 29.
  • Pray that in this season of intense activity, the heavens will speak to the earth to release its best for the saints and will also be called upon to fight on behalf of the saints.


  • Ants gather food for the approaching winter. Ask the Lord to enable you to emulate this wisdom. Invest in seasons of worship, the word and deeper communion with God.
  • When the difficult seasons of your life come, when calamitous circumstances cause you to fail to pray, read the word or commune with God in an active way, you will have a deep reserve of the Word upon which you can draw. Pray this for your family and the church in your nation and the continent (Job 23:10-12, Jer 15:16; Prov 30:25, Col 3:15-17)
  • Just as the old begins to dry up, wither and finally fall away in the fall season, ask that during each day of this new season, as you fill yourself with the life-giving word of the Lord, as you commune and spend more time with the Lord, any bad traits, besetting sins, including good things that keep you from pursuing God, will begin to be exposed, dry up and die. Pray this for your family, the Body of Christ and your territory (Psalm 116:15).


  • It is on record that there are increased terrorist recruits in Europe and the US apart from other parts of Africa, Arab world and Asia. This is a spirit of death and destruction that seeks to destroy young lives.
  • Pray against the bondage that ignorant sympathizers get into when they are lured into these terrorist cells across the world. Pray that many who are being lured will encounter with Yeshua in a way that will give them clarity on salvation and their deliverance from bondage. (John 3:16-17)
  • Call back the youth who are being lured into these terrorist cells with grandiose ideas of going to heaven and being rewarded by Allah for their participation in destroying lives and property.
  • Command their brains to be enlightened, and for Jehovah to bring them in contact with information that will break the demonic spell that lures them into death through terrorism.
  • Pray that missionary people will also learn to recruit the best brains for the Lord’s work around the world because there still chosen vessels out there yet to be discovered.


Today @10:51 is the full moon

There is historical record that the demonic angels that fell in Genesis 6 brought strange teachings into the earth about the stars, the moon and the sun hence stargazers have existed for a very long time. There those who have joined themselves to these kind of lifestyle thus bring a curse on the world.

  • The moon is a celestial body made up of a luminous substance that absorbs light from the sun during the day and emits this light at night. At full moon, the part of the moon presented to the sun for sunlight, fully emits the light received as light to the earth at night. People in the kingdom of darkness draw power from the full moon in order to manipulate and draw power from the heavens during that season for unfair advantage.
  • Command the full moon to praise the Lord and do only His bidding as commanded from Genesis 1:14-17; to mark the times and seasons. Command the full moon to release its best for Kingdom citizens. (Deuteronomy 33:14)
  • Pray that the full moon will smite every tongue that rises to draw any ungodly power from the moon (Psalm 121:6).
  • Pray that every instruction from monthly prognosticators, diviners and astrologers will be turned to madness and all their predictions will turn into confusion (Isaiah 44:24-25)
  • Utter the voice of the blood of Jesus to blot out every word recorded in the heavens against Kingdom citizens by those in the occult during the full moon (Heb 12:24, Col 2:14-15, Psalm 29)
  • The moon is at full capacity of light in this season, witches, wizards; sorcerers are also occupied with full capacity of darkness because at full moon, they engage in sacrifices, enchantments, dancing and other activities that will please their master the devil. Children of light must equally be full of light from their King.
  • Pray that all members of the Body of Christ will engage themselves in the depth of God’s word and worship at full moon, asking God to make them epistles of Christ written by the spirit of God on the tables of their hearts, so filled with light so they can really shine just as the light of the day. (2 Cor 3:3)


Today is Sukkort -The feast of Tabernacles

  • Declare that this Feast Day is made by the Lord; and we rejoice and are glad in them. Command all creation to praise the Lord during these days.
  • These are seasons of continuous praise and worship to the Lord.
    • Pray for a brooding of the Holy Spirit over every God ordained purpose that must be brought forth in this new season in your life, family, ministry and the Ecclesia until it comes to fruition.
    • Read Revelations 22:2 and pray that the fruit of the tree of life for the months will be made available to you, and to the Ecclesia in this season.
    • Declare that the leaves for healing of nations will be released to your life and territory. You will enjoy divine health in your life, family, finances, the work of your hands, relationships, in your business, vegetation and in the nation at large.

During the first 10 days of October proclaim and pray through the Great Hallel Psalm 113-118, according to the leading of the Holy Spirit.


  • The number 10 signifies stability; the perfection of divine order; the complete ground of human responsibility. 
  • Pray for the revelation of that divine order God has ordained for your life, family, ministry, church and nation so you will be able to follow the Lord in all endeavours of life. (1 Corinthians 2:9-12; Heb.10:7).
  • Pray that God will bring forth the perfection of divine order in the dismal situation of governance government and leadership in our continent and through them, change the continent from a desolate place to a desired place. (Is 65:20-25)
  • Pray for the spiritual, physical, economical, political and the social healing of all the nations of the Continent of Africa as the platform for God’s expression to the earth in this end time. (Eze 47:12).


  • Speak to the heavens, and command them to praise the Lord during this season. Ask them to release the very best for all of creation in your territory during every day of the month.
  • Command the heavens to fulfill the agenda of ruling the heavens and marking the times and seasons of the Lord over your life, the Body of Christ and the territory you live in (Psalm 19:1-6; 148).
  • Command the heavens to yield their very best for you during the coming days. The sun shall not smite kingdom citizens by day nor the moon by night. The stars in their courses shall cooperate with the Lord’s agenda in your life, in the Body of Christ and in your continent (Psalm 121).


  • The current spate of terrorist activities has seen much bloodshed of kingdom citizens, children and virgins. The demon-deity behind their cult of the  Queen of heaven and the moon-deity require a level of “pure” blood sacrifice in this season to fortify their waning strength. Their gods will cease to hear them. These are the last kicks of a dying horse.
  • There has been near-panic amongst pockets of kingdom citizens in Nigeria, the USA, the Middle East where people are wondering what they ought to do with escalating and aggravated levels of terrorism. We are more than conquerors and we have every solution required to still the avengers and enemies of the Kingdom of YHVH.
  • Decree: Isa 54:15 Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fall for thy sake.


  • We are dealing with a spirit of lawlessness. All lawlessness is rebellion. The Bible tells us that there will be escalated lawlessness in these last days. In order to pray effectively we ought to understand the level of lawlessness we are dealing with.
  • What is going on is a spirit of rebellion which is similar to witchcraft as revealed in 1 Sam 15:23. Witchcraft is not only a power or religion or spirit. It is a foundational principle or operating system of a kingdom. In breaking away from the kingdom of YHVH, Lucifer committed high treason and instituted an opposing kingdom with himself as its ruler. He formed the kingdom of darkness which operates on the principle of rebellion and therefore a kingdom of witchcraft.
  • Begin to bring down all forms of rebellion in these areas by fervent commands in the name of Jesus.


  • ISIS, Boko Haram, Al shabab etc the last kicks of a dying horse…. The terrorists are seeking for maximum fortification – blood that is as pure as possible – the blood of the saints and the blood of children.
  • Yeshua already finished that story on Calvary so their sacrifices are null and voided by His blood as we invoke the power in His blood in every territory they have sought to shed blood of kingdom citizens and the children, virgins etc.
  • We are dealing with a group who fight from the heavens. We must call on Jehovah Sabaoth and all the host of the universe to fight against the kingdom of witchcraft rebellious marine, serpentine and all satanic powers represented in this strange enemy.
  • As they call on the moon to do battle we will have already finished that story when we invoke the Lord of all the Hosts of the Universe with His entire army to wage war on these powers.
  • These prayers can be done against all this terrorism that is going on through ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shabab Al Quaeda and all the emerging forces of hell that are exalting themselves against the knowledge of our Lord.


Today @ 07:13p.m is the last quarter moon.

Some of you may wonder why we repeat these prayers. You must be wise to understand that satanic groups are so committed and so consistent and it is a religion. Imagine how some people pray in a particular way some many times in a day. Be consistent and pray.

  • Pray that the moon will praise the Lord and do His bidding – to rule the night and mark the times and seasons.
  • Pray that the moon will reject every instruction given to it from any other source except that which the Lord has commanded it to do during this season.
  • Pray that the moon will yield forth its best and most precious things for kingdom citizens throughout the world.
  • Pray that the moon shall not smite them by night during these days.


  • Pray for yourself and your family.
  • Bring your requests before God in a fervent way. Don’t trifle at any time in prayer.
  • God answers prayer. He is alive.
  • Now, go into the realm of the spirit and bring down what you need. Begin by praying in the spirit and while doing that begin to ask God to allow you to enter His presence. You have been a believer for 20-30 years so be persistent to go beyond where you are now in prayer.
  • Can you imagine every night Jesus went in the garden or some solitary place to pray. He must have been visiting with the father and angels, and these ascending and descending bringing messages and requests back and forth. No wonder Jesus said what I see my Father do so doeth the son likewise!


  • The season of the blood moons on feast days portends difficult situations which begin just before the blood moons and then an abating of the disaster, and a supernatural solution to every crisis.
  • This is the season for divine intervention into the Gaza and Hamas challenge faced by Israel. It is the season for divine intervention into the rise of the ISIS in the Middle East against all non-moslems. No man has a solution for these challenges.
  • Pray that Jehovah  Sabaoth will arise with all of the Hosts of heaven and earth to contend with these forces so that the land can rest all around and many can also fear the God of Israel.


  • Even as you pray concerning the challenge of ISIS in the Middle East, recognize that the acronym is one of the names for the Queen of Heaven. In ancient Egyptian mythology the goddess Isis, a moon goddess, gave birth to Horus, the god of the sun (So you can see the lie. It is well known that the moon gets its light from the moon.) Together, Isis and Horus created and sustained all life and were the saviors of their people. They call her the all-goddess and she became the most powerful of all the gods and goddesses of the ancient world. From Egypt to Greece, Rome to Southern Africa, South America and Asia, all across the world she is worshipped under various names including Rain-queen, Ntu, Ashtoreth, Diana  etc
  • As a moon-goddess, this is the deity behind the idolatrous worship of many names. With the prophetic reality there will be an implosion from within this religion. And it is a dying religion, the demonic realm under this deity requires a level of blood of the saints to strengthen and fortify their stance.
  • However theologically they teach that ISIS has sparked the AMAGEDON!-We will discuss this in future journals.
  • Bring a lamentation on behalf of the Ecclesia in the Middle East where the violence and bloodshed is taking place. The same violence is also taking place through terrorism by Boko Haram in Nigeria and terrorist violence in other nations including Syria, Kenya, Uganda, Israel, America, Pakistan, India etc Lam 5.
  • A prophet in the United States of America was hear the other day lamenting  after he had a prophetic dream the ISIS  was going attack America with so much wickedness. Pray that this will not come to pass.


  • Bloodshed always brings a curse on the land- which includes your land.
  • Bring repentance for the bloodshed that continues in these regions by reason of the sacrifices to Isis the demon-deity Declare that the blood of Jesus has already paid the price for bloodshed, for every single soul and all other bloodshed and sacrifices are rendered null and voided by reason of His sacrifice on the greatest altar ever raised – Calvary.
  • Declare the Lord’s judgment over those who bow to the queen of heaven and make these sacrifices to her – that He will watch over them for harm and not for good Jer 44.25-27
  • Pray that the Lord will raise a supernatural solution through kingdom citizens in government, in NGO’s working in these trouble spots, on averting the death as we pray for divine ideas, and bind the principality under the Queen of heaven over these regions invaded by terrorism. As part of the solution pray for vigilante groups to arise against the enemy.
  • On a regular basis, proclaim Isaiah 40-49 to contend with every deity that endeavors to raise themselves above the knowledge of the Lord  – those gods are not God and they will utterly fail in every generation,


  • Pray for all your input gates; you will not watch or listen to what will close your doors or lose your key of access; that you will guard your heart in this season from woundedness and reactions to what will constitute to a loss of the keys or closure of the doors you are to enter into.
  • Pray that you will keep your feet from going to connect with persons or be involved in what will close your doors, and your hands from reaching to partake of anything that will cause a closure or loss of opportunity to enter into the season. Pro 4.20-27
  • The times and seasons belong to the Lord just like every other thing and it is His good pleasure to bring you through this new door.
  •  Pray that every enemy of progress that is from outside of yourself; militating against the entrance into this new season, new year and closure of the past season is henceforth rebuked and bound and cast out of the way as you usher the King of Glory and all His hosts into the new season ahead Psalm 24.


  • Read Matthew 16:13-19; Peter got a divine revelation of the Lord; and a key of dominion and authority was released to him.
  • When you get a divine revelation of the Lord’s prophetic word; from scripture, prayer, from listening, from other literature, what He reveals constitutes a key in your hand.
  • When you have found it, you will get its reward and your expectation will not be cut off. Revelation is the key to access the new doors of opportunity in this season.
  • Ask the Lord to give you a fresh revelation which will become a key to unlock your dominion in the areas of your interest; whether it is divine health, divine wealth, wisdom, divine ideas etc. Isa 22.22; Pro 23.18, 24.14.


  • Read Matt 16:21-23, 1 Cor 16.9;  At every new door of opportunity there are wicked enemies that will resist your entrance. They may attempt to wrestle the keys of access from you.
  • Not long after he received revelation and release into authority, Peter was used by the enemy to try and stop the Lord’s fulfillment of the very destiny that would establish the Ecclesia. The enemy does not use someone or an outside occurrence to wrestle your entry into a new season; he will use you first to stop your own entry by either missing the door or losing the revelatory keys of access.
  • Pray that neither you nor any other person or demon shall hinder your entrance into the new season and new gates.
  • Pray that the Lord will send His angel to guard your mouth so you will not speak your way out of your blessed season Psalm 141:3


Today @ 09:57p.m is the new moon.

  • Pray that the gates of the 11th lunar season be lifted up for the King of Glory to go into the season and posses it as the Possessor of all things and use it for His glory (Ps 24:7-10; Gen 14:19).
  • Raise a memorial altar in your family and offer thanksgiving offering to where He will direct you at least on monthly basis. This will be for the release of covenant wealth and a strengthening of your voice in the spirit realm.
  • Pray that the Lord will, during this new moon show you what you should do in order for the work of your hands to be blessed, and the covenant of wealth, in the area of finance, will be activated to a new level. (Proverbs 18:16).


  • ·Call on the Jehovah Sabaoth – the Lord of Hosts into this battle with ISIS and all other demonic groups. You are going to war against a kingdom. Terrorism is a spirit of rebellion – rebellion is equal to witchcraft, and witchcraft is not just a spirit or a religion; it is a kingdom. You need to summon the arsenal of the kingdom of the Lord. It is all found in the Sword of the Spirit which is the Word of the Lord.
  • ·Pray like this: There is nothing too difficult for the Lord. The Lord is the Man of war He loses no battle. The Lord is with me like a Mighty Terrible Warrior (Jer 20.10-13) He prevails over everything. I call on You Jehovah Sabaoth to fight every terrorist witchcraft, rebellious, serpentine, marine and satanic powers with the Hosts i.e., armies of the universe.
  • ·Decree that the association of Boko Haram, ISIS, Al Queada shall not stand. (Isaiah 7:7; 8:10).


  • Pray for the healing of individuals, families that suffered losses, businesses that were affected, employers and employees that have lost their livelihood because of terrorism.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit who comforts, will raise people and situations that will hasten the healing process.
  • Proclaim 2 Tim 1:7 - Pray against fear that comes upon a territory when such an event takes place. Pray against the spirit of fear among the people for that is bondage to terrorists.
  • Pray that the Holy Spirit will brood over the nation and release a spirit of power love and a sound mind shielded from deep traumatic effects of the events.


  • It is by a prophetic arm that the Lord ushers people out of an old season into a new one. Melkizedek ushered Abram from the old season into a new season of everlasting covenant with the Lord Gen 14:18-20-15.
  • It was Moses who ushered the band of Hebrew slaves out of Egyptian bondage into national independence. It was Jesus who ushered the whole world out of bondage from sin into eternal life. You are the priest and prophet at the threshold of a new season and this new open door.
  • Speak into the days ahead and prophesy for yourself, Ecclesia:
    • Spiritual growth in areas where you have been immature, Isa 61:3
    • Fanning to flambe
    • e deeper love for the Lord and all of His creation especially the brethren 1 Cor 13
    • Fanning to flame the Holy Spirit inspired gifts, Isa 11:2, 1 Cor 12
    • Divine health, financial stability, contentment  3 John 2
    • Divine specificity for which area of the Great Commission to fulfill in this season
    • Divine marriage and family life that will
    • a model for your society
    • Divine ideas, productivity and creativity in the work of your hands Pro 31:13-27
    • The fulfillment of redemptive purpose for every divinely connected relationship you are to make in this coming season
    • Divine destiny helpers in every area of interest to you.
    • Seeing eyes, comprehending mind, obeying heart for every GOD-given project and assignment


  • The demonic power of terrorism is at work in all manner of places. Pray for your own territory; there are soft spots where the enemy can wrought this type of havoc. Violence and disaster will not be found within your borders. Proclaim the shalom of YHVH wherever you set your feet upon throughout the coming season. (Psa 91).
  • Judge 5:20 - command the stars in their courses to fight against every wicked gathering that is out to foment trouble and destruction over your territory as they did scatter Sisera in the day of battle. (Isa 8:10, 54:14-17)
  • John 3:8 Activate the nature of the wind and prophesy that no wasting power shall see you come or go. Pray for the nature of the wind in every territory where Kingdom citizens are; that those who seek to destroy shall not find it and their plans shall fail and scatter to destruction.


  • Pray for a brooding of the Holy Spirit over every God ordained purpose that must be brought forth in this new season in your life, family, ministry and the Ecclesia until it comes to fruition.
  • Read Revelations 22:2 and pray that the fruit of the tree of life for the months will be made available to you, and to the Ecclesia in this season.
  • Declare that the leaves for healing of nations will be released to your life and territory. You will enjoy divine health in your life, family, finances, the work of your hands, relationships, in your business, vegetation and in the nation at large.


  • Pray for over 100 cities of the 10/40 window. The Lord’s strategy is to stretch the Rod (Word) of the Lord over the territory. It means we make Scriptural proclamations to contend with chants and proclamations going out from that region to the various demon deities worshipped in the 10/40 window territories.
  • Pray for Jesus’ visitation to individuals and people groups in the following cities.
  • While focus is on the 10/40 window territories, include your own territory and other trouble spots and all lawlessness as you proclaim the Word of the Lord as law over every gate of society on a regular basis.


  • Pray for nations that have turned heavily to secular humanism because of the relative successes they have enjoyed in areas of economic development. Many of these nations have become centers of immorality and defiance of the Lord.
  • Pray that the Lord will in this season do something that will cause the people in these nations to turn their hearts back to Him.
  • Pray for Botswana, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Honduras, Swaziland, Libya, Papua New Guinea that God will cause the seed of the gospel that have been sown in these nations to take root, germinate and blossom.



Today @ 02:49a.m is the first quarter moon.

  • Praise God for the last day of October.
  • The occult have sharpened their tongues like a serpent, adders’ poison is under their lips with which they fill the land with violence as they instruct the quarter moons with words of violence, failure, rebellion against authority, health challenges, accidents, marriage annulments, riots etc. They also use the crescent moon as bows with which to shoot darts of wickedness at the righteous.
  • Pray and nullify such utterances (bitter words) on their lips with the blood of Jesus. Pray that the blood of Jesus will answer for you when the enemy tries to raise any accusation against you. (Ps 140:1-3; Ps 64:3-4;Col 2:14)
  • Pray that you will be continually fully covered in the armour of God and the shield of faith will quench any fiery darts of the enemy that are aimed at you. (Eph 6:10-13, Psalm 91).
  • The occult celebrate the Halloween this day. Pray that as the heavens declare Jesus Christ the Redeemer and give glory to Him, the heavens shall speak to the earth, and everywhere that men are raising altars or servicing altars from the earth to demon gods, the earth will rise to resist those altars of death;
  • Pray that wherever men have made covenant with death and the grave, the earth shall reject them, and rise to fight against every counterfeit; as it responds to the heaven declaring that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer and Giver of life.
  • Declare that in this season of high spiritual activity, angelic assistance for every God ordained endeavor will be afforded you, and Kingdom citizens all over the world. Declare that every territory that such kingdom citizens occupy will be a no-flight zone for any wickedness; and the heavens over you shall yield forth its best, and the earth, will bring forth its best for you.


  1. Lily Mudasia
  2. Rev (Mrs.) C. O. Lawon
  3. I. D. Lawon.
  2014 Fullstature Missions International